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          Automotive Solutions

          Modern vehicles are the sum of tens of thousands of components, each one of which has to be designed with safety, security and reliability in mind. Microchip has earned its reputation as a trusted supplier of embedded control solutions to the automotive industry. We provide a vast array of automotive-grade products, including analog, connectivity, memory, microcontrollers, security, timing and touch. These innovative products help the automotive OEM develop vehicles that are safer, cleaner, more fuel efficient and more reliable. Our products and processes are engineered to support the rigorous requirements of the automotive industry.

          Microchip’s automotive devices are supported by a variety of demonstration and evaluation kits, reference boards, software and detailed documentation to reduce your development time. Our expert staff of engineering, sales, marketing, logistics and quality personnel understands what it takes to develop and deliver innovative and reliable solutions in the automotive industry and will provide the specialized support you need.

          Automotive Application Areas


          Infotainment Learn More


          Powertrain-EV-HEV Learn More

          Body Electronics

          Body-Electronics Learn More


          ADAS Learn More

          Automotive-Grade Products

          Microchip’s innovative products are designed to fit small footprints, consume very little power and operate in high-temperature and electromagnetic environments. Our highly integrated designs can save you significant component costs and months of development, integration and prototype time. Explore our portfolios of automotive-grade products below.

          Need Some Help?

          We are here to support you. Contact our Client Success Team to get assistance with your automotive design.

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