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          A Message from our CEO and COO

          An Update on Business Conditions and the Effects on Product Lead Times

          TimeProvider® 4100 2.1.10 Grandmaster With Sub 30 ns Enhanced PRTC (ePRTC)

          Sub 90 fs Integrated Crystal Clock Generator for High-Speed Applications

          400G Ethernet - Optical Transport - Data Centers - 5G

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          SyncServer S650 M-Code

          SyncServer S650 M-Code

          The new SyncServer S650 M-Code Time and Frequency Instrument provides unprecedented synchronization flexibility and performance using Microchip FlexPort? technology. The GPS M-Code referenced S650 is designed for high security, modern military electronics, and networks that require best-in-class synchronization performance easily adaptable to a wide range of applications.

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          GNSS Disciplined Miniature Atomic Clocks

          Designed and built specifically to deliver accurate time. The GPS-2700 and GPS-3x00 are g-compensated modules able to rapidly acquire a GNSS-fix in dynamic environments while identifying and mitigating against satellite broadcast errors. By pairing a GNSS receiver with a low power atomic oscillator, these devices approach laboratory-grade instrument performance, capable of exceptional holdover, thanks to their active drift compensation.

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          GNSS Disciplined Miniature Atomic Clocks
          Superior Precision That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

          Superior Precision That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

          Don’t sacrifice size for performance. Our newest Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) deliver outstanding precision and accuracy in compact, integrated chips. The MCP47/48CxBxx family of DACs combines high alternating current performance and better resistance matching, offering outstanding linearity of less than 1 Least Significant Bit (LSB). With low power consumption and a fast settling time, these solutions are ideally suited to handheld applications for medical, industrial and consumer use.

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